Free Wall Art to Make

by Jodi
1 Material
2 Hours
One of my neighbors dropped off some pallets from his job for me.
finished project on the wall
1. Cut your pallet wood to the size you want.

2. Pick the craft colors or color you want to use.

3. I wanted the grain to show through the paint so each color was watered

down to a very watery shade.

4. Paint the wood top, ends and sides and allow them to dry.
Getting ready to paint
5. Decide how you want the colors to line up.

6. Turn painted pieces face down, place another piece of wood over the arranged painted pieces.

7. Pre-drill two screw holes over each piece of wood.

8. Select the correct sized screws and use either a screwdriver or battery drill.

9. Use two screws per piece of wood.

10. I had pre drilled two holes on the side of the support top wood.

11. Screw in two eye hooks and attach picture hanging wire to size.

12. Use a picture hanger on the spot you want your art. Be sure it can hold the wood art.

13. I sealed all of the wood with a clear wood sealers just in case the pallet wood was treated.
Suggested materials:
  • Pallet wood, paint, brush, water, 2 eye screws, picture wire, regular screws, one picture hanger.   (Had everything)
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