From an Ivy Spray to This Wreath Topiary-in Minutes !

Ann M
by Ann M
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Do you have any old ivy or ivy sprays on hand? You can make a "new" circle wreath topiary in just minutes with some floral wire or any wire that is easy to bend.
I had an ivy spray that had seen its better days.
I made it into a wreath or circle topiary in minutes
All you need are 2 18 inch coated floral wires and a
Pot filled with styrofoam. This was an old pot I had topped with an odd colored moss type filler. Simply push each wire down a few inches until it feels secure.
Twist the top of the wires together forming a circular shape to your liking
Place the thick "handle" of the spray in the middle pushing it down into the styrofoam. I tried to separate the long strands and divide them equally on each side of the circle.
Begin twisting the ivy up around the circle form. When you finish one strand continue on to the next strand twisting up the wire making sure not to crush the previous leaves by twisting around them instead. Alternate each side until you have used all strands. You will have short strands which I bent up to use as filler covering the "handle"
Finished! Leave as is or
Insert into any decorative pot and display!
Suggested materials:
  • Pot with styrofoam   (I had)
  • Ivy spray   (I had)
  • 2 18 inch floral wires   (I had)
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