Funky Vase

by Sally
2 Materials
2 Days
I used unicorn spit to give a funky vibe to this vase.
I brought this vase at a local op shop for $1! I loved the roundness of the base and the wavy top reminded me of a blooming flower.
I cleaned the vase and sprayed ESP Easy Surface Prep on it to allow the Unicorn Spit to adhere the glass. I placed painters tape over the top of the vase as I wanted a top that was different to the base.
I turned the vase upside down. I diluted Unicorn Spits Purple Hill Majesty with a little water in a plastic squeeze bottle. I wanted the unicorn spit to be thick enough to cover and hold, but also need it run a touch. I covered the vase with Purple Hill Majesty.
While the Purple Hill Majesty was still wet, I diluted White Ning and Pixie Punk Pink in separate squeeze bottles with a small amount of water. I started from the top of the vase (bottom as it is upside down) and squeezed lines down the vase. The Purple Hill Majesty was still wet.
This is how the vase looked when it was dry. I wanted to give the top an explosive look. I filled the inside of the vase with paper to stop the Unicorn Spit travelling down the inside of the vase.
With the outside of the vase protected with painters tape, I went to work. I indiscriminately squeezed, from the bottle Unicorn Spit Purple Hill Majesty, White Ning and Pixie Punk Pink on the top of the vase.
I cut a straw small enough for me to exhale through and spread the Unicorn Spit how I wanted it. This was the result.
I continued this process in sections, continually mixing up the ratio of the colours of Unicorn Spit around the top of the vase.

This is what the top looked like when I had finished it.
This is the vase when it had dried.
This is how the top looked with two coats of oil based polyurethane.
The completed vase with two coats of oil based polyurethane. The cost of this project was minimal. I had the products I needed and only used a small amount of each. It took 2 days to complete due to the two coats of polyurethane. I allowed 24 hours between each coat to allow the polyurethane to cure.
Suggested materials:
  • Esp Easy Surface Prep   (Bunnings)
  • Unicorn Spit   (Esty)
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