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Denise Hardy
by Denise Hardy
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Well.... where do I start on this post because it is one of my favourite subjects and I just love all kinds of lighting for our outdoor and indoor space - (which I think you will realise when you see the photos. I must admit all the lighting I have outside has not just appeared overnight - some have been done over the past few days and some have been done over the Summer period. Hopefully you will like some of them? I just wish I was a professional photographer because there are quite a lot. But.... alas..... I am not  but I hope you get the 'gist' of what we have created  I will start with the smaller items I have created over the past few days and then a much larger project.

I purchased these bottles from a place in Spain called 'Domti', which is similar to the American cheaper shops - sorry I can't remember what you call them. The large bottle was 5 euros and the two smaller ones were 2 euros and I purchased the battery lights and just popped them in the bottles. Simple - I purchased quite a few of these battery operated lights at 2 euros each.

For this next one I already had the metal container and purchased some 'faux' silk flowers and made the arrangement and added some battery operated lights and threaded them through the flowers.

This one again, I purchased the 'faux' flowers at the same time as the above flowers and lights, but in this glass container I added some coloured sand in pink and grey and added some small coloured chippings and placed the lights amongst the flowers. Here in Spain we can purchase this type of item from lots of different shops and they come in small plastic containers. All three of these are placed on my front porch. This particular one sits on my table.

In the garden on the front I placed some solar lights in the bush - easy peasy - Don't you just love 'Larry' the lamb

Can't you tell I love faux silk flowers and lights. These lights are electric though - they were not expensive round about 5 euros. The flowers were arranged in this glass vase and I placed the lights all at the bottom of it instead of threading them through the flowers. This arrangement sits in my downstairs kitchen on the deep windowsills. This space was all 'open' when we purchased the house - hence these deep windowsills, but we decided to make it into a kitchen, bar and entertainment area. But... that is another 'story'.

I purchased this lamp some time ago but just decided to add the lights which again, are electric - another 'easy' change.

Part of this was a big job completed quite a few months ago and we had lights placed in the ground when we had the new wall built at the side of the pool.  About 3 weeks ago, I decided to 'jazz' the area up by purchasing 3 mirrors - 2 were purchased from a store called Leroy Merlin (the ones on the outer) and the other (the central one) from another store nextdoor to Leroy Merlins.  These mirrors were placed above each light, which change different colours.  The lights work by a small control unit.

You will see the different lanterns about - some with battery lights and some with candles. These at the forefront have candles placed in them. There is also a tree branch in a pot in the background on the left - these are solar lights.

You will see in this photo that we have an umbrella that I decorated inside with some electric lights and I also saved some different bottles from either wine or brandy or whatever drink we've had and purchased some battery lights and just placed inside the bottles. This is very effective and cheap way to add lights to an area. The lights at about 2euros each.

This is a photo of a tray I have on the coffee table with different items on it - the three coloured bottles and the small black candle holder at the back have candles in them and the bottle at the forefront was purchased from 'Domti', which I talked about further up for 2 euros and battery lights placed inside.

This is a photo taken from the top end of the pool looking down to our seating area. On top of the wall we also have candle holders with candles placed inside.

The bottles on the wall with battery lights in

Perhaps you can see the LED strip lighting around the seahorses to the right. That is purchased by the metre and you can get it as long or short as you wish. We purchased it from a Chinese Shop here in Spain and it cost us 3 euros a metre

Well.... I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos and I haven't 'bored' you too much

It is difficult to say how much this has all cost but as far as the lanterns, some bottles and the battery lights, solar strip lights and the faux flowers are concerned I would say approx. 100 euros. I would say it was all easy apart from the wall and the lights fitted in the ground and we had that completed by a professional.

Suggested materials:
  • Lights   (Different shops)
  • Bottles   (Some free and some from Domit)
  • Lanterns   (Different shops)
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  • Karen Hobbs Karen Hobbs on Aug 28, 2018

    If you use wine or similar battles, how one earth did you get the battery powered lights inside. or, did you use candles? also isnt it a lot of work to turn off the lights or do you just let them wear out? that cost would certainly add up.

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  • MADI MADI on Jul 06, 2020

    I'm a light and faux flower/bottle person, thank you for some new ideas. These are all absolutely GORGEOUS.

    • Gabrielle Falk Gabrielle Falk on Jul 23, 2020

      Me too. I just love fairy lights. I have battery operated fairy lights inside too. On top of the kitchen buffet, on top of the bathroom cabinet; one lot is in a glass, cylindrical vase. I was thinking that I might twist some up the lamps in the bedroom. Can't help myself.

  • Connie Sherman Connie Sherman on Mar 01, 2022

    I love your faux windows!!! The lights around your pool area are beautiful...I d be outside all the time.. just beautiful

    • Denise Hardy Denise Hardy on Mar 02, 2022

      Thank you Connie- they are lovely and we also love to sit around the pool with all the lights on - it is a very cosy area - specifically when the sun is shining, which is rather a lot in Spain 😍