Gift the Gift of Stars

Nasra Sharif
by Nasra Sharif
Giving gifts is something that I love to do. And I was bought up being taught that giving gifts increases love and affection amongst people.
Giving a gift does not have to be about spending a lot of money, or buying materialistic items. It should be about bringing your loved one joy, every time they look at the gift they are reminded of you.

Here is a very simple gift idea, that costs next to nothing if you already have the items in your home.
Let me tell you about the concept of this gift. It is a motivational gift, a gift for those good days and bad days, one that will hopefully put a smile on your loved ones face, and remind them that you thinking about them without physically being there.
There are 365 days in the year, yes? Actually, this year was a leap year so 366 days in 2016.
Well, this gift is quite simple and will last a year.

All you will need is a very cute paper/or wrapping paper. Remember my post on the very cute Japanese stationary shop? I bought my wrapping paper from that store.
My paper has stars printed on it, which is very typical of me as you can tell by my blog name.

Cut your cute paper into 365 small pieces and on each piece write a very inspirational quote +hadith +something lovely to say about the person.
Fold the paper two and place it in a jar, I used a glass jar with hinge lids that snap closed.
Tie a pretty ribbon on the jar, as every gift needs a ribbon tie & finally if your have a label or tag, tie it onto to jar with your loved ones name.
Now that you get the idea of the gift, imagine the recipient opening each paper everyday for a year, being filled with words of wisdom and joy that you have hand selected for them.
Nasra Sharif
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