Give Your Walls a Break From the Kids With Balloon Balls!
If you're kids are anything like mine, then your walls probably take a beating from balls. I've finally discovered the secret to silence (at least from the ball hitting the wall over...and over...and over and me getting after the kids for it...but I amped-up the noise of happy children)! Cloth covers for balloons! This is also a great DIY gift, especially for a baby. No worries over choking on broken balloons!
It's all pretty simple! visit my blog to download pattern pieces and for super detailed instructions, but here's the short of it...
Sew six sort of oblong side panels together, until you form a tube...
Sew on a bottom piece to one end. On the other end you sew the same shaped piece containing a hole to turn the fabric right side out and insert the balloon.
Trim up all your string and turn it right side out...
Insert your balloon, leaving the mouth piece exposed and blow up the balloon!
Tie the balloon and tuck the mouthpiece inside the casing so that absolutely nothing is exposed should the balloon pop and VOILA!!! (Never mind the child standing on the chair...I didn't know you couldn't crop after adding pics on here!)
Now you have a collapsible ball! I have three kids in one bedroom so after a few days of no play they get a poppin' and put away. They take up almost no space at all! They don't damage paint on the walls when they hit, they don't damage children when they hit, babies can't choke on broken balloon pieces and Mama gets to sew! Win, win, win. Enjoy and don't forget to go to to get the full tutorial!
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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