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10 Minutes
Hi guys, today's post is going to be another DIY idea for your home decor
This home decor Item is very simple to make as well as it's affordable. So I hope you'll enjoy this video.

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We'll make Home Decor Item - Glitter and Pearl Candle Holder

That's what you need:
- glass container
- glitter (any color)
- scissors
- candle
- pearl beans
1. Add the Glitter to your glass container
2. Set the Candle
3. Add pearl beans
Glitter and Pearl Candle Holder DONE
Suggested materials:
  • Glitter (any color)   (any store)
  • Glass container   (any store)
  • Scissors   (any store)
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Frequently asked questions
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  • Sandra Hayley Sandra Hayley on Jul 06, 2017
    Just curious - why did you go to the trouble of masking off the glass in the frame before painting the frame rather than just remove the glass to paint the frame, since you were going to remove it again to add the picture? Seems like a lot of trouble for nothing to me.

  • Msd26753535 Msd26753535 on Jul 07, 2017
    What happens when the candle melts into the glitter?

  • Ivalouspell Ivalouspell on Jul 07, 2017
    I love the candle holder, got my stuff today. Do you, or anyone out there, know what could be put into the glitter, pearls, etc. to hold it still should it be picked up and shaken or otherwise mixed up? My granddaughter picks up everything and I would hate to make it without the option to make it permanent. Any help would be appreciated.
    Ganny2five, in NC

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