Glitter Jelly Jar - Repurposing Jars

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
4 Materials
30 Minutes
I love jars. Because I love jars, you will find them in every room of my house. And because you will find them in every room, I have to make them special and different for each area of my house. When I am organizing a room, I turn to jars as an important component of my organization system. I can personalize them with just a few simple supplies. This glitter jar uses an empty jelly jar, Mod Podge, glitter and twine. 4 items! That is it! icon Some other types of decorated jars that I have made are burlap-covered, bead-covered, chalk cloth & burlap-covered, tinted... just to name a few... and now I can add glitter-covered to the list.

I used Walmart glitter shakers.
Here are three of the supplies, I decided to add the the jute twine at the last minute. So, I have an empty jelly jar, Mod Podge and a glitter shaker.

I poured the Mod Podge on but you could apply it with a paint brush. I rolled it back and forth to spread the Mod Podge across the glass evenly.
I would sprinkle on glitter and the roll the glass back and forth. As the glue would spread out and white Mod Podge would appear, I would sprinkle on more glitter.
For me, it was best to let it dry upside down.
I used a large glitter. My daughter said it looked like mermaid scales.
I covered a section along the bottom of the jar. Then that color ran out.
So I grabbed the dark blue and added that color above the first.
I added a silver band along the top.
Sparkly... Now, if you don't like having a mix of glitters at the end, make sure you sprinkle on separate papers. You will need to keep the colors separated. I don't mind a few stray colors here and there. In this picture, you can see some dark blue and aqua mixed in the silver at the top edge.
Here is a peek at the inside. icon Don’t worry, the Mod Podge will dry clear.
Some jute twine around the top gives it a beachy boho look.

I think this is a fun little jar and I can see it right at home in a teenager's room or even in a craft room to store scissors or glue sticks.
These were some of the first decorated storage jars that I ever made... Just a little blast from my past.

Here is fun alternative, I used the exact same technique but the jar on the right has the Mod Podge and glitter on the inside. icon
Here is a peek at the inside before it was dry.
Suggested materials:
  • Jelly jar   (From my jar collection)
  • Mod Podge   (Michaels)
  • Glitter   (Walmart)
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