Gourd Carving

Diane Forte Barfield
by Diane Forte Barfield
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Using gourds, I tried to create some art. I don't do typical gourd carving. I try to find different ways to use them. Here are two gourd projects I've done, they are definitely not typical!
For example, this is half a gourd mounted on wood. The feathers are carved from strips of the gourd. The head and neck are painted. I framed and mounted it on my wall. Voila! A unique piece of wall art!
This gourd is washed with a mix of white pain and stain. Mounted on a board. A light kit is glued down inside and the cord runs out the back. I transformed it into a gourd lamp.
This gourd has slots carved out. It is glued over a vase. Rope is glued around the bottom and at other places. A light kit is inside the vase and now it serves as a lamp.
Another gourd with a light. I found little candle based light kits at Lowes and thrift stores. I just love it! Creating things from gourds is quite challenging. I am still learning to carve them. They can break easily and also be tough to hold. Get a good vise or clamps!

Also, finding a good supplier for gourds can be hard.

I hope you enjoyed my gourd projects!
Suggested materials:
  • Gourds, dremel, paint, stain, light kits.   (Found the gourds at a local pumpkin farm.)
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  • Shoshana Shoshana on Aug 27, 2017
    These are so unique and clever! I have got to try that cool light trick!

  • Diane Forte Barfield Diane Forte Barfield on Aug 27, 2017
    The hard thing is to find something that will fit in the gourd. I found a bunch of flower vases at a thrift store for next to nothing.