Repurpose Hack: Repurposing a Reptile 🦎 Lamp

Jacquelinn Kai
by Jacquelinn Kai
2 Materials
5 Minutes
Ok, so what do you do when a lamp purchased for one purpose suddenly is no longer working. You repurpose it! Give it a new identity and mission.
The Back Story
So I purchased the Exo-Terra reptile lamp from Amazon. At first it was working fine. Then, after about a month the glue or tape strip keeping it affixed to the side of the Gecko cage became loose. We found the lamp laying on top of the cage melting the plastic bar.  Yep. This just won't do. So, since we really didn't need it, I removed the lamp and attempted to return it. However, the return deadline had passed and I was now stuck. 
What to do?
Hmm, my Guest room could use a night light I thought.   So I opened my bare Guest room (everything had been removed from the room due to hurricane Irma) and decided I would simply attach the lamp to the headboard. 
All's well...
Step 1: Attach 3M strips to area needing to be attached. 
Step 2: Firmly press the 3M surface to the area where the lamp is needed and makes sure it's set before adding the bulb. 
...that ends well.
So there you are. Super simple, easy and half way decent looking.  ~ Kai
Suggested materials:
  • Exo-Terra Reptile Lamp   (Amazon. Pet Smart also has them but their more expensive.)
  • Large 3M Strips   (Amazon, Publix, Office Depot, etc.)
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