Halloween Stencils to Carve a Faux Pumpkin

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by Royal Design Studio
Stencil some spooky spirit into your home with a carved faux pumpkin! Try any of our bendable mylar Halloween Stencils that are available in multiple sizes and can fit a variety of pumpkins! Below are the supplies you will need for this project:
Faux carving pumpkin

Faux pumpkin carving tools (or try a knife)


Sanding paper

Painters tape

1 Stencil brush

Black stencil size

Silver leaf

Lambs wool

Clear wax or top coat

Stencil: Stray Cat Craft Stencils
Step 1: Place your stencil on top of your pumpkin and trace with a sharpie. Following the sharpie lines start cutting with a carving knife.

Step 2: Remove the carved shape and sand the edges with a medium grit sanding paper.
Step 3: Replace the stencil. Apply black stencil size to the design elements of your stencil that were not carved. We also applied the size to the stem. Two coats will be needed and allow 10 min between coats.
Step 4: When size becomes tacky, approx. 10 minutes later, apply silver leaf to the stem, stars and moon.

Step 5: Buff using a lamb's wool or soft rag. You can also apply a coat of clear wax or top coat to protect the gilded areas.

This cute stenciled cat design is purr-fect for your Halloween home decor!
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