Halloween-Themed Shaped Candy Baskets - DIY Paper Craft

3 Materials
40 Minutes
BOO it forward with these DIY Halloween Candy Baskets in eight fun Halloween-themed shapes. Craft your own using the free printables. Check out the full post on the blog for more instruction and the Free Printables.
I love Halloween, and I am always trying to think of fun things to make it special for those around me. So, today, I am sharing this easy DIY craft that is perfect for spreading some spooky cheer! These Halloween candy baskets are great for a classroom party, any group get-together, you name it. BOO your local fire department, police station, or hospital. BOO It Forward and get everyone in the Halloween spirit. The FREE Printables make them a snap and come in pre-colored or color-your-own options.
Supplies:Free Printables – Download HereCardstockGlue StickColored Pencils, Markers, Crayons, etc.ScissorsRulerPencilBone Folder (or another flat edge)Paper Cutter (helpful, but optional)
Directions:Print your choice of pre-colored or color-your-own Halloween shapes.Cut out the shapes leaving a flat edge at the bottom, and an edging around the shape. These shapes will be the sides of your candy basket.
Measure and mark cardstock. You will need two pieces cut for each basket — one for the basket (3-1/2 inches x 7 inches) and one for the handle (7 inches x 1 inch).Cut the cardstock for all the baskets you will be making.On the cut out Basket card stock, measure in 1/2 inch from the long edges on each side. Draw a line with a pencil, then score each pencil line with a bone folder or other flat-edge.Fold the scored long edges inward.
Cut notches into the 1/2 inch folded edges to make it easier to fit the basket onto the shapes.Lay the notched basket cardstock flat and place glue on notches, both edges.Fold the notches to a right angle so the glued sides are on the outside of the basket.Attached glued notches to a pair of matching Halloween-themed shapes in a U-type shape, so there is an opening at the top. You will be able to move and adjust the notches to fit each shape as needed. Make sure that your shapes are turned the same way with the flat edge at the bottom.Let glue set.Dab glue on both ends of the handle, and attach to the top inside of the basket cardstock. Let glue set.
Voila! You now have a spooktacular Halloween Candy Basket! Now, throw a party or BOO a friend and share your Halloween spirit. You can make all eight baskets in about 40 minutes -- that's 5 minutes a piece. Be sure to stop by the blog for your FREE PRINTABLES and even more Halloween inspiration!
Suggested materials:
  • Carstock   (Walmart)
  • Glue Stick   (Walmart)
  • Glue Stick   (Walmart)
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