DIY Nautical Painting

3 Materials
2 Hours
Easy peasy painting tutorial. Create your very own nautical masterpiece!
Start by painting your canvas solid black. While the paint is still wet, add drops of white paint and blend them in Like in the photo.
Your canvas should look similar to this.
Cut out a buoy shaped pattern. It could be bigger or smaller depending on the size of your canvas.
Trace as many shapes as you like. I chose two buoy shapes.
Paint on a semi thick layer of crackle finish within the buoy shapes. I was impatient and used a hair dryer to lessen the drying time.
Add colour once the crackle medium layer is dry. Try not to brush over one spot too much as the crackle medium may deteriorate a bit. Quick even strokes are best.
Add white paint to the original buoy colours and sweep on, horizontally, to one side of your buoys for highlights. Add black or brown to the same original buoy colour and repeat instructions on the opposite sides of your buoys for shadows.
Add black “triangle” type shapes to the buoy handles and along the sides to create shadows. With an upward stroke, paint a white strip from the bottom to the top of the buoy. Voila! It glistens! Notice the short one on the teal buoy?
I added snow. Adding different shades of teal to your white snow will create depth. I also added white glitter.
Simple upside down elbow macaroni shapes, one above the other, looks just like rope. Tada!
Suggested materials:
  • Canvas   (Dollar store)
  • Brushes   (Dollar store)
  • Paint   (Dollar store)
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