How I DIY'd a Luxury Marble Tray for Under $25!

Jessica Coplen
by Jessica Coplen
Truth: I have an obsession with marble. This new marble obsession really caught me off guard. I typically go for a more beachy feel. However, I'm slowly jumping on this mid-century modern train, and the marble trend has my heart too. Each time I'm in a store, I'm oohing and ahhing over some marble side table or tray. But, who wants to pay $80 for these items?! Definitely not me!This got me to thinking, there must be some way to bring some marble joy into my home without the price. A few Pinterest searches later, and I had myself a DIY plan. I gathered my supplies, and now present to you my Luxury Marble Tray (on a Budget!).
Here's what I did. I went to our local tile shop and purchased one piece of marble floor tile. I liked the rectangular shape, but you could also get a square tile. This particular piece of tile cost me $17, but there were several options that ran slightly cheaper (and many that ran much higher!)

Then, I picked out the hardware. I grabbed these Liberty handles from Home Depot...they were $3 and some change a piece. In hindsight, I wish I would have purchased something a little larger.
The other supplies I already had- industrial strength adhesive, and felt floor pads for the bottom.

Ready for this DIY Tutorial? Brace yourself...this took me less than 5 minutes to complete! First, I stuck 4 felt pads on each of the bottom corners of the marble tile. I measured out the tile and decided where to place the handles, and attached them using the industrial strength adhesive. Then...I stepped back to admire! It's really that simple.
I will say, it's good to let the adhesive dry well before trying to move or use the piece. I gave mine a good 48 hours of dry time. Even after it's dry, I'm not sure that I would trust the adhesive to carry the tray by its handle. However, it's perfect for a decorative piece.
For around $25, I was able to create this luxury marble tray! I'm quite impressed with that! I'm thinking of all the options for this beauty...bathroom vanity, bedroom dresser, place to collect the stuff that accumulates on the entry table.
Jessica Coplen
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