Got Ikea Lamp? Want Non-Ikea Shade? Problem Solved for $3!

10 Minutes
A super easy, super cheap and relatively quick way to take your old Ikea lamp from Ikea shade to the world of non-Ikea lampshades for less than $3!
Ah, our Orgel lamp from Ikea. We like it, it has served us well, but in a fly swatting mishap, the paper shade became torn. No big whoop, I wanted to change the shade at some point anyway. To a non-Ikea shade though. And anyone who has an Ikea lamp knows the socket is too large for a regular lampshade. That meant some lamp re-doing in order to accommodate a new one.
The Ikea socket is too large to hold non-Ikea lampshades. The plan and solution? Rewire the lamp with a new socket for less than $3! You can read the full story with instructions over on my Flipping the Flip blog.
Unfortunately for me, it wasn't as quick of a process as I was hoping as the socket wouldn't unscrew from the lamp pole. I accidentally broke the socket, oops, but breaking it off was the only way to get it off completely. For me anyway. Maybe you'll be luckier!
Attach the new socket base, pull the wires through, and wire the new socket. I have further details on my blog.
Voila! A socket that will hold any lampshade now! Well, except for an Ikea one.
Come check out the whole process over on my blog! Click the link below for full instructions!
Becky at Flipping the Flip
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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