How to Hide Your Charging Cords AND Electronic Devices

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My house is overflowing with electronic devices. My kids have Chromebooks for school, we have iPads, phones, Kindles, etc. I wouldn't describe my family as overly techie, but over the years we have acquired a number of devices. One of the problem I found: WHERE TO PUT ALL OF THESE DEVICES?!

Clutter makes me crazy, so I found a solution that works for our family. I think it will work for yours, too!

Yes, this is just a painted cabinet! But, what is hiding inside is lots of electronic devices that I don't want to look at all of the time.

We had an old, ugly cabinet that we painted using chalk paint. If you want instructions for the painting process, go to my original post:

How to Create a Charging Station in a cabinet

Since my kids have the majority of the devices, I enlisted them to help!

We painted the cabinet first.

Then, my husband made a hole large enough in the back to allow a power cord to fit through so we could connect multiple devices.

I was not a particularly pretty hole, but it worked!

Then, I simply organized the devices for easy access.

The cords were still not pretty. BUT, the difference was I could shut the cabinet and not have the cord mess staring at me!

We keep the cabinet in our living room so it is convenient for each of us. I don't allow my kids to take phones into their rooms just yet.

Having this in a busy space in our home also helps me to monitor what they are doing online.

My solution for hiding electronic devices = Charging Cabinet!

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How do you store your electronic devices? Leave a note below and share your tips and tricks!

Suggested materials:
  • Old cabinet   (One you already have or can find second hand)
  • Chalk paint   (hardware store)
  • Power cord   (Amazon or WalMart)
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