How to Make a Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

6 Materials
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A ceiling mounted pull up bar is a perfect addition to a home gym. Here is a detailed tutorial to make your own.

Here is what our home gym looked like when we moved into our house. We are slowly progressing through to get it to the final stage.
A ceiling mounted pull up bar is a great addition to a home gym. Even if you can't do a pull up ahem there are several other uses/equipment that you can use a pull up bar for that doesn't even require doing one pull up.

After we had all the cuts I spray painted the pipes, elbows, flanges and bolts.
While the pipes were drying I cut the 2 x 6, sanded and stained it. 
Using a stud finder mark the studs on the ceiling where you plan to attach the 2 x 6. We were able to attach two bolts into four studs. Using the ceiling stud measurements we marked the bolt placement on the 2 x 6.

Next I assembled the bars, flanges and elbows together. Then I centered the bar on the 2 x 6 and traced my pilot holes for the bolts for the flanges and drilled my holes.
For this part it is helpful to have two people. We attached the 2 x 6 to the ceiling studs using hex screws. To attach the board we measured the distance from the closest wall to the board and inserted one screw. Then we pivoted the board to get equal distance along the length of the board to the wall. Our board was about 17 inches from the wall. Then we finished inserting the rest of the screws.
We attached the bar to the board. Having the pilot holes already done made this much easier.  

Here are the final pictures after the home gym remodel. 
To see all the details come visit the post link below.

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Suggested materials:
  • 2x6x8 wood   (hardware store)
  • Black iron piping   (hardware store)
  • Flanges   (hardware store)
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