How to Make a Chandelier Chain Cover

If you know me then you know I LOVE, and I mean LOVE Chandeliers!!
We have a vintage chandelier in our Kitchen that I adore. The best part is it was free! When my brother and his wife moved into their home it was in their dining room and they hated it. So when he said do you want this?? I of course said YES, I love it.
Every chandelier needs a chain cover right? They are super easy to make and I thought I’d show you how today in case you always wanted to know how, or have a chain you want to cover. Some people even use them to cover cords that show just to make it prettier too. Step 1. Cut your fabric 6″ wide x double the length of your chain. The one I made is for another chandelier so I made it 6″ x 80″. Step 2. Hem the two ends. Now I will add that the professional way is to sew the tube and then hem the ends like you would a pillowcase but to get that 2-3″ circle under the machine is a little trickier so I’m showing the more basic sewing style. Step 3. Put right sides together, fold in half, pin and sew down the side.
Step 4. Use the largest safety pin you have and hook it onto one end. Step 5. Then begin to pull it through, so you are pulling it back right sides out. Step 6. Pull it all the way through and it will look like this. Step 7. Press with iron Step 8. Put onto your chain and gather up to your liking. When you’re all done it will look like this! Voila very easy and simple to make. Hope you are all staying warm today! Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day, Lisa with Lisa Walsh Huff Kroll
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