How to Make a Cute Cork Sheep Ornament

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15 Minutes

Have you ever wondered why we have a cute cork sheep as the Craft Invaders logo? The reason is simple. Our ‘How to Make a Cute Cork Sheep’ post was our very first craft tutorial that we posted online. Not surprisingly, this post never received many views in the early days so I thought it was time that I updated it and shared it with you all again.

There is no lovelier sight than a English spring meadow full of cute little lambs. We now have them as ornaments in our home, and so can you!

All you need is a couple of corks (something I always seem to have!), a few matchsticks, and some yarn.

How to Make a Cute Cork Sheep

Gather your bits and pieces. Take one cork and cut it in half, then cut one of those halves into 2 semi circles. These will be the head. Paint all your pieces and 4 of the matchsticks black.

Wind the yarn around the whole cork, and stick a little to one end (the front). Use a Bradawl to make 4 holes to slot the legs into.

Glue the head pieces together and add some eyes and perhaps a tuft of hair.

Use half a matchstick to attach the head to the body (using the Bradawl to again make the holes). We also used a slither of cork to make a tail. Stand back and admire your cute little cork sheep!

Why not make a whole farmyard of little cork animals – we’re planning on trying pigs next! If you enjoyed this craft tutorial and want some more recycled craft inspiration, why not check out our  How to make a braided rug and  Recycled Magazine Basket posts.

The Craft Invaders makes may have become a bit more refined since this first tutorial but we still have a soft spot for our cute cork sheep:)

Suggested materials:
  • Corks
  • Matchsticks
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  • Lynda Slocum Lynda Slocum on Feb 25, 2022

    I'm going to make your idea using prescription bottles. There are tons of them around. I made a ballerina andan elf for Christmas out of prescription bottles. Love your little sheep

  • Craft Invaders Craft Invaders on Feb 25, 2022

    Thanks Lynda, using prescription bottles is a great idea - If I ever run out of corks I'll try them too :)