How to Make a Unique LED Wall Lamp

Allen Robinson
by Allen Robinson
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In this project i show how to make a LED lamp wall hanging. Easy to make and looks really cool so please follow along with me and we can get this done!
First edge joining
First thing is first... I buy all my lumber rough so we need to edge join all our material. I used white oak, walnut and cherry. I do all my edge joining on a 1952 Beaver Jointer. Love me this machine!!
Cleaning up the opposite edge on saw
From the jointer i can take all the material over to the table saw and clean up the other edge. I also needed to rip cut all the material down to less than 7" to fit my jointer for face joining.
ripping all boards to anything less then 7"
Face joining all material
Back over to the jointer I face joint one side of everything preparing it for the planer and final flattening
Final thickness at planer
I put the last rough side through the planer to achieve a final uniformed thickness
arranging the boards for design
off video i cut all the pieces to varying widths. I could then lay them out on my bar clamps and see what looks best. Contrast in woods is all a matter of opinion so just play around with it till you like what you see. At this point we are essentially making a face grain cutting board
waiting for the glue to dry
When doing glue ups like this its always a good idea to evenly coat the wood with glue. Start with your center clamps and work your way out to allow the glue to escape. I also always use caul's to hold the board flat. A lot of people will tell you to leave a glue up for 24 hours however iv never left it for more then 8 and iv never had a problem so i recommend at least that
the card scraper in action
I much prefer a card scraper to sanding.... however with this project i still had to sand some :D
slight round over with a trim router
After squaring the board with a cross cut sled I then rounded over all edges with a 1/4" round over bit in my trim router
preparing for image transfer
At this point I decide to do an image transfer. I do this with a laser printer (image printed backward) and I use a clothes iron for heat. There are many ways to do this including acetone and laquer thinner. Please see video for tutorial
using a pocket hole jig to make a back frame
Next i made a more then simple square frame from 2x4 to glue and screw into the back. this is to hold the LED light set up and to hang on the wall
LED light kit
I bought a LED light kit from eBay for about 25 dollars CAD. they come with everything you need from remote, adapter to controller.
adding the LED's
I wrapped the light strip around the outside of the 2x4. Making sure to leave enough room to screw down the adapter/sensor box and keep it out of sight when the piece is hanging on the wall. LED light strips have and adhesive back on them so no need to get out the CA glue for this
finishing with Linseed oil
And finally I gave the board two coats of boiled linseed oil, sanding with super fine sand paper between coats. I'll leave a build video link below for anyone who isn't clear on any of the instructions. I have many other projects for beginners to intermediate woodworkers so feel free to pick through my library :D
Suggested materials:
  • Hardwoods
  • Wood glue
  • Boiled linseed oil
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  • Beth Beth on Jan 15, 2017
    Did I miss somersetting? Where is the final picture of your design?

  • MK McDonald MK McDonald on Jan 18, 2017
    Can you post a pic on this site of your final piece please? Not into watching an entire you tube video.

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