How to Make 🦋 Butterflies :) 💖 Origami

Jenny Tease
by Jenny Tease
2 Materials
10 Minutes
We all love butterflies 🦋 and I have been trying to find a way to do it and with Valentine’s Day coming up I set out to find a way 💖 also on my profile I also have 💕 hearts and flower origami tutorials for Valentine’s Day
ao all we need is a price of paper 15cm x15 cm
We start with folding in half one way and then folding in half the other way , then corner to diagonally corner then you push sides in to form a triangle pic below
Here is the triangle you should now have
Draw a arch and but off this will form the top of the wings
now fold down one of the pieces and press firmly
now fold down the other side also pressing firmly along all egdes
Now u can use a pencil out line around the esge adding patterns just like a real butterfly has you can go over this later if your happy with what you have with a ink pen or you can colour in if you like don’t be afraid to add colour we all love the beauty. And colours and the more realistic this will become
Turn it over and the little bit that is left will make the final fold and it be the head as you pull it to fold it over you will notice the butterfly bend but that is good as it will give it a 3D look then turn it back over and press its wings together and once you release they wings reopen but with more dimention
Now time to put your butterflies to good use would look amazing on a little girls room wall
Here is one using coloured paper
And I also made this paper flower to sit mine on and to give to hubby for our 10th valentines together
I will make anyoehr post with how to make a flower in the near future
Suggested materials:
  • 15cm x15 cm paper   (I had at home)
  • A black ink pen   (Had already)
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  • Barbara Baldwin Barbara Baldwin on Feb 11, 2018
     my dad taught me how to make sailboats and Xmas trees out of paper. Geesh, 60 years later I STILL remember I'm off to figure out how to save this page..

  • #1 Jeeter #1 Jeeter on Feb 22, 2018

    Something seems to be missing, I did not see where you made any cuts and I did not produce the final result!

    • Jenny Tease Jenny Tease on Feb 23, 2018
      Pic number 4 shows we’re to cut once you make that cut you will get the right shape