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By Sharon Brandwein

Hotel rooms with fluffy beds that seem to surround you in luxury are a large part of what makes a vacation so great. Hotel bedding is fluffy and plush, and when we dive into it, it feels like a big luxurious hug. People love hotel bedding so much that replicating it in their own homes is likely the first thing on their to-do list once their vacation is over. And trust us when we say that fact is not lost on the bedding and retail industry. In fact, you don’t have to dig very far to find an entire segment of the bedding industry built around hotel bedding collections.

If your last vacation inspired you to create a hotel-like feel in your own space, we’ve got you covered. Now we can’t help with daily turndowns and leaving a mint on your pillow, but we’ll give you the skinny on transforming your space. In this guide, we’ll examine all the necessary elements of hotel bedding and walk you through everything you need to know if you want to make your bed look like a hotel bed.

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How to Make Your Bed Look and Feel Like a Hotel Bed

If you’d like to make your bed feel like a hotel bed, there are a few must-have elements that you’ll need to incorporate. Here’s a run-down.

Bed Frame 

If you have the available funds to invest in this project, a new bed frame is a good starting point if you want to make your bed look like a hotel. Keep in mind that hotel headboards are usually large and luxurious, and footboards are often nowhere to be found. To give your bed a luxurious hotel-like bump, think about upholstered headboards and upholstered side and foot rails.


Mattresses are the unsung hero in all of our lives. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and our mattresses get us through night after night. If your mattress is a little long in the tooth and it’s time for a replacement, and if you have the funds to do so, this is a good place to make an investment. For a hotel-like experience, think about something soft, fluffy, and supportive. 

If your mattress is relatively new or an investment that big is not in the budget, you could upgrade your own mattress with a luxurious topper, such as a fluffy feather bed topper. 


More often than not, when someone talks about the most wonderful night’s sleep they ever had in a hotel, it was probably the pillows that did the heavy lifting. Hotels beds are often finished with fluffy down pillows, and there are plenty of them. Most hotel beds are outfitted with four pillows, so that’s probably the minimum number you’ll want to shoot for in your attempt to make a bed like a hotel. Just when you think you have enough pillows on your bed, go ahead and add a few more. 

If down pillows aren’t your jam or allergies are an issue, there are plenty of alternative down pillows to choose from, and fiberfill pillows work just as well. Ultimately, your comfort is key, so you have to choose what works for you.


Quality sheets are an essential part of hotel bedding. Typically, hotel sheets are made of 100-percent Egyptian cotton, and most luxury hotels opt for a 300 thread count or higher. The end result is sheets that feel soft and luxurious to the touch. When shopping for sheets, the higher the thread count, the more lux the sheets will feel. If you want to make your bed like a hotel, the only wrong answer is sheets with a low thread count. 

It’s also worth noting that 300-thread count sheets are relatively affordable. While you can go high as 1000-thread count, keep in mind that higher thread count sheets are more expensive.

Duvet and Comforter

Bedding sets and beds in a box are the clear winners when you’re looking for an easy one-and-done solution for your bedroom. But anyone who’s ever purchased one will probably tell you that while they offer a lot of bang for your buck, opulence, and luxury are not common descriptors. For a hotel-worthy bed, a down or down alternative comforter with a crisp cotton duvet cover is definitely the way to go.


With so many people passing through its doors night after night, hotel rooms need to appeal to a large number of people, so the decorative accents in said rooms tend to be on the minimal side. Bedside tables are usually outfitted with the essentials like lamps and alarm clocks, but generally speaking, you can expect little else. While adding crisp white fluffy bedding, fluffy pillows, and high thread-count sheets will mimic your favorite hotel bed experience, those items are pretty plain—if we’re being honest. 

In your own home, however, decorative accents are excellent finishing touches, and they go a long way toward personalizing your space and making it uniquely yours. Like everything mentioned above, you’ll want to look for lux additions to your decor—think fluffy rugs, your favorite candles, carefully curated wall art, and maybe even some fresh flowers or live plants. 

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How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel

Now that you know what you need for a hotel-like experience, here’s how to layer a bed like a hotel. 

Step 1: Start With a Mattress Cover 

Lay your mattress cover or feather bed (if you’re using one) over your mattress, and make sure the ends are secure. 

Step 2: Add a Fitted Sheet

Place your fitted sheet over the mattress cover, secure the corners, and tuck them under the mattress tightly to keep them in place. It’s worth noting here that most hotels skip the fitted sheet and cover the bed with a flat sheet instead. When tucked properly under the mattress, the flat sheets offer a cleaner, smoother look, whereas fitted sheets tend to bunch and pucker.

When to Buy Deep-Pocket Fitted Sheets

If you’re using a feather bed, be sure to buy deep pocket fitted sheets that can accommodate the extra fluff. If you can’t find one that’s deep enough, you might want to use a flat sheet here.

Step 3: Layer on Your Flat Sheet

Spread your flat sheet over your fitted sheet and make sure it’s even on all sides. Do not tuck or fold your flat sheet yet. 

Step 4: Layer on a Thin Blanket

Layer on a thin, comfy blanket over your flat sheet, making sure it’s even on all sides. 

Fold the flat sheet and the blanket down horizontally at the top of the bed. The edge of the sheets and blanket should land about a quarter of the way down on the bed.

Step 5: Start Tucking

Tuck the flat sheet and blanket under the mattress. Remember that tightly tucked sheets are a hallmark of hotel beds, so be sure to pull the sheet and covers taught before tucking. 

Step 6: Layer on the Duvet

Once you’ve placed your sheets on the bed and everything is tucked in tight, put the duvet insert into the duvet cover and secure it with the duvet cover’s provided strings, buttons, or zipper. Then spread the duvet or comforter on your bed.

Once your duvet is in place, fold the top of the duvet down horizontally at the top of the bed, adjusting the fold accordingly for the number of pillows you have. If you’re really piling on the pillows, you’ll probably want to fold back the duvet to about halfway down the bed.

Step 7: Add the Pillows

Add your favorite sleeping pillows to the bed and pile on a few more for some extra fluff. Place your sleeping pillows in the back against the headboard, layer in another set to complete the look, and don’t forget to fluff them.

Step 8: Add a Pop of Color

If you think an all-white bed is too sterile-looking, you can add a splash of color with a decorative throw or accent pillows.

More Tips for Making Your Bed Like a Hotel

Crisp linens paired with fluffy pillows and covers usually scream hotel bed, but if you’d like to extend that feeling beyond your bed-making chore, here are a few more tips to help you make your bed look like a hotel.

Opt for White Linens

Most hotel beds are usually decked out in white, which lends to a fresh, clean feel. So if you’re looking to emulate a hotel-style bed, you should opt for white sheets and linens, too. 

Fluff Your Pillows Daily

Don’t forget to fluff your pillows daily. Not only does fluffing your pillows revitalize them for a comfy night’s sleep night after night, but doing so also makes your bed look far more inviting at the end of the day.

Keep the Clutter to a Minimum 

Cluttered spaces are not conducive to a good night’s sleep. So, while room accents help personalize and tszuj your space, you may want to keep the accessories and clutter to a minimum. If you think about it for a minute or two, clutter is often absent from many hotel rooms; that might be one of the reasons why everyone seems to sleep so well in them. 

Keep it Simple

If you’re looking to make your bed look and feel like a hotel bed, you’ll want to keep things as simple as possible. The luxury lies in the quality of the materials you use, not the number of bedding accents you use.

For a Fluffier Bed

When using pillow covers, opt for inserts that are slightly larger than the outer cover. This creates a fluffier pillow. For the bed covers, try inserting two down comforters into the duvet cover for an opulent effect.

What’s your favorite part about hotel beds—is it the pillows? Let us know your bed comfort tips in the comment section below!

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  • Dee Dee on Dec 23, 2022

    Great instructions. I love a well made bed, but hate tons of pillows. I follow most of your hints, but I do like colored sheets

  • Dorothy Dawson Dorothy Dawson on Feb 27, 2023

    I love a white 100% cotton or linen sheets. That’s what I grew up sleeping on. Down pillows are great. I have allergies so I use covers for my pillows. I was telling a young lady about the difference in thread count and material for linen, she was clueless. I convinced her to purchase a set during Black Friday and she say that she love them. She has invested in another set.