How to Makeover Old Glass Containers Into Farmhouse Fall Decor

Leanna Forsythe
by Leanna Forsythe
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These DIY farmhouse style flower vases are inspired by a nice selection of various glassware I have cluttering up the storage areas. These days most of us have a collection of unused glassware hidden in a cupboard. Shop around your own home and see what glassware you may be able to use. Clear candleholders, vases, even mason jars work well.

Alternatively, you can find very inexpensive glassware at the dollar store, but I recommend seeing what glassware you already have.
After you gather the glassware, all you need is some twine, or small thin rope, a needle, thread, and hot glue.

Using the vase as a guide, wrap the vase with the jute rope.  Glue the rope as you work along, wrapping the rope around the glassware. 

Add little dabs of glue between each layer of the rope as you wrap. Make sure to glue the rope to each other and not glue against the vase itself.

Once you have the rope wrapped as high as you’d like, cut the end of the rope and seal the end with glue. Let the glue cool if you have glued the rope properly you will be able to remove the vase. You can then have the vase either in its farmhouse wrap, or use it in its original form.

The blog post includes some other easy non-permanent ways to update existing glassware. I hope you like what I have shown you.

Suggested materials:
  • Rope or twine   (Michaels)
  • Glassware   (Shop at Home)
  • Hot Glue   (Shop at Home)
Leanna Forsythe
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