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by GranArt
About 4 years ago a friend was willing to pay good money for me to paint a set of wine glasses. After all the years of painting on flat surfaces I have to say it intimidated the fire out of me but I love a challenge and so I gave it a try. They turned out horrible. So I tried again and she loved them. I swore never to paint on glass again because it was just too hard I thought. But another opportunity came my way and I couldn't pass it up. Before long after many hours of practice and washing the glass off of paint, I finally figured out "it's not hard". I will show you how to paint the Zebra Butterfly in short as possible instructions. If you have questions please let me know.
Zebra Butterfly Wine Glass using a 16 oz. wine glass from the dollar store and craft glass paint; black, pink & white. A small sea sponge, mid liner brush #2, an old scruffy brush #3 and #4, alcohol to clean glass, scotch magic 3/4".
16 oz white wine glass
Clean glass with alcohol.
Create your pattern using trace paper and a pencil. Hint: draw one side of the butterfly, fold the paper and draw the other side by tracing. Then it is the same.
Tape the pattern on the inside of the glass where you want your butterfly to be. I taped mine off to the side.
Using an old scruffy brush #4 (worn out brush) apply the white paint by dabbing a small amount inside the lines of the butterfly wings. Just dab a little paint at a time and keep going to cover surface.
As you dab a little paint within the lines of the butterfly wings -- keep going, don't go back over where you 1st applied paint. If you missed a spot, let it dry first.
Allow the first coat to dry about 5 to 10 minutes then lightly dab over all the white areas again with more paint. It is a dapping motion, or a light tapping motion using the flat part of the brush hairs, not using the very tip.
Using a #2 scruffy old brush and a little black paint you will dab gently in the center to create the butterfly's body. After that area dries (5 - 10 minutes) apply a second coat of black paint by tapping lightly.
Using a mid liner #2 brush paint the antennas on. Fill your brush 1/2 way up the hairs then wipe off on your palette holding the brush flat to your palette. This will cause the hairs to flatten down, now use the sharp edge...
...using the sharp edge of the mid liner brush stroke up from head of butterfly to create the first one and do the same to create the second antenna. Let dry then apply a second coat of black paint.
Using the mid liner brush #2 and black paint, outline the butterfly wings with two coats. Allow drying 5 minutes between applications. I find it to be easier to do this step if I lay the glass down.
Making the Zebra stripes is using the mid liner brush #2 and black paint. This is free-hand but you can do it. Just dip the brush into the paint, roll the brush on the palette to cause the hairs to come to a point. Now think snake...
... or fat and thin lines. The lines tend to mimic one another but some are thicker than others. Try to keep the flow of the stripes going the same direction.
Turn the glass over and begin applying the pink paint to the stem. If you look at the glass just right you will see a perfect circle and that is your guide. Using the #4 scruffy brush tap or dab lightly the pink paint up the stem.
If you miss a spot wait until it dries then on your 2nd coat cover it. I did 3 coats of pink paint. Dab lightly on your 2nd and 3rd coat. If the paint moves and you have an empty spot, allow to dry & fill that spot dabbing lightly.
The pink will look a little splotchy even after 3 coats, that's ok.
Apply your dot trim in black by using the end of the paint brush handle and dip it into a small puddle of black paint. Re-load or dip again after each dot so they are the same size dots.
The best DOT MAKER! The end of the handle of a paint brush.
The dot trim on the base of the glass.
Carefully turn glass right side up and do the dot trim at the bottom of the stem. Using a small handle paint brush or a stylus apply tiny black dots to the stem in random order. Similar pattern as a domino.
I applied large pink dots to the back side of the glass and near the butterfly. Then go back with tiny black dots and lightly touch the edge of each pink dot you made on the main part of the glass. Almost looks like pink lady bugs.
If you decide you want a name on your glass it is done almost the same as the butterfly. You make a pattern, tape it on the inside of the glass. Using the mid liner brush, stroke the paint on following your pattern. This takes 5 coats.
Turn the glass over and using a sea sponge, dab black paint on the bottom. 2 coats, allow 10 minutes to dry between applications.
Apply two dots of black paint to the top of the antennas. Allow glass to dry 24 hours then place the glass upside down in a glass pan, then place it in a cold oven. Turn on oven and bake 325 for 30 minutes. Allow the glass....
... to stay in oven after it has been turned off for several hours. Hand wash only all painted glass and ENJOY your new creation!
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  • Anli Steyn Anli Steyn on Nov 08, 2015
    What type of paint did you use ? Ordinary craft paint ? How do you seal the artwork to prevent it from washing of ?

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