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Do your love lavender? I sure do so let’s see how to style country lavender pots 5 ways. Adding lavender to the home whether country, French country or Farmhouse these flowers work perfectly in home decor.

In addition to using these in the home these will make wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas!

When I think about lavender I immediately, think of the beautiful smell. The scent that comes from this plant often fills our home using dried lavender buds or lavender bundles scattered about.

I also think about the fields of lavender I have seen in books in France and in other states in the U.S.

But today I’m speaking about how to style country lavender pots 5 ways in the home.

Recently, I saw these lavender pots at Antique Farmhouse. The direct link is on the blog. My heart immediately did a happy dance.

Supplies Needed:

  • Faux lavender in pots
  • white gesso or white craft paint
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • burlap ribbon or ribbon of your choice
  • Monogrammed printout
  • Computer
  • Paper
  • Good scissors

Changing These Plants and Peat Pots Up a Bit with Paint

Step 1

Here’s when I came up with my plan to change these peat pots a bit before I styled them. Using a brush and Gesso paint I paint a single coat. I like using Gesso. By the way this craft for pots is quick and easy. One coat of Gesso gives these a faded rustic French appearance. The light paint treatment adds an imperfect look which is great for making these look older.

Step 2

Next using my computer in Word, I chose a font and size to work well on one pot. Print the letter out and use a sharp scissors to cut it out.

After it’s cut add Mod Podge to the back and add the graphic to the lavender pot. I suggest using the plastic wrap trick you can see it works perfectly every time so no more wrinkles on your paper.

Here’s where these pots are especially perfect for Mother’s Day. How special will your mom feel with her own monogrammed lavender to style in her own way!

Mom will think of you every time she sees these special flowerpots!

Step 3

Another example to add a country look to these is adding ribbon. Here. I am using burlap ribbon and a piece of trim with small rose buds to add a touch of romance and French Farmhouse look.

Let’s See These Blooms Styled in a French Country Theme

Here I will share how to style country lavender pots 5 ways in the home.

Number 1

Using these lavender plants as a grouping for a French country centerpiece is pretty. Arranging them on a wooden riser adds texture. A rusty rose embellished crown and Florentine picture give this an elegant flair. Lastly, dried lavender adds a bit of nature.

These plants will also be pretty with real flowers in small bud vases scattered around.

Of course, if you don’t have a riser these will be pretty stacked on dishes or books.

Number 2

Using these on a bookshelf is a fun way to display these country pots. Here pairing one on a small Boxwood wreath adds another natural touch. Paired with a small crown and Florentine easel and picture adds a bit of a formal French look.

Another Bookshelf Idea

So nexthow about arranging these with pink antique French books and a rusty crown to add character. A Florentine tray adds a touch of a French look vas well as the antique French books. Adding satin ribbon is elegant, don’t you think?

Number 3

Making A Garden Arrangement Style

This grouping of these pots is one of my favorites on our Bombay chest in the foyer. I especially love the vignette because so many of my favorite pieces are in this spot. Wishing for warmer days and gardening here in NJ gives me hope for warmer days.

Adding these to an Antique French plant crate adds charm and a collected look. I absolutely love this piece.

Adding Garden Items for a Collected Look

When adding pieces to the crate I want it to feel as though I’m browsing the garden center finding pieces to bring home. You know this happens right, while walking through the rows of flowers or when checking out. I often see something that gets my attention and add it to the pile. I think we have all done this at some point. Unfortunately, this happens to me every gardening season.

Oh, I’m so ready to buy flowers and stroll through the rows of blooms and spot an item to add to our home.

Anyway, when adding pieces to this crate I like to have varying heights. For instance, I add risers and small teacup saucers. Books will work as well.

I also like to add one tall piece. This topiary I made before I began blogging. I recently gave this an update and can’t wait to share this easy DIY.

This piece also makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift.

Continuing the Collected Look

Of course, a garden theme must have flowerpots. Some are antique and the white and the other small pots are easy craft ideas. You can search the blog under flowerpots to see these easy crafts.

Adding the bird finial and the small grapevine wreath adds texture and adds to the look of finding goodies while shopping the for blooms.

These lavender flowers also work well for a garden party with your girlfriends on a summer afternoon or evening. Think of how pretty these will be on a table filled with other fresh blooms scattered about in mason jars or throughout a garland down the center of the table.

Also, how about giving these to the gardener in your life? They will enjoy seeing these in their home styled their own way.

And if they love lavender and it doesn’t grow well in their environment, they can see these every day!

Number 4

A Simple Dining Room Table Centerpiece

These flowers look especially pretty added to a dining room table. Using seeded eucalyptus is simple and a natural look.

As I finished styling this crate, I looked at the dining room table I decided to add the finished piece to the center of the eucalyptus, and I think it looks great! So, this is an example of trying one idea one place and realizing it works somewhere else too. I love when this happens! Has this ever happened to you I’d love to know?

Number 5

Making a Vignette on a Small Table

When styling these French lavender pots, try adding these to a small corner in a room. For example, these look pretty on this Florentine table I had bought while thrifting. Can you believe I paid $15? I still can’t believe it! These tables are usually quite pricey.

Lavender is nestled inside a cherub dish which is another favorite piece

I hope you enjoyed seeing how to style country lavender pots. I love these plants and happy I brought them home. Incidentally, if you are thinking about buying some for a gift or for yourself remember items on Antique Farmhouse may not last forever. Place your order you will not regret it for a moment.

Are you a lavender lover too? I’d love to know. Do you grow any in your garden?

Please check out my blog at Cloches & Lavender to never miss a moment of ideas I am sharing. I'd love for you to join in on the fun!


Suggested materials:
  • Paper Lavender pots   (Antique Farmhouse)
  • White Gesso   (any craft store)
  • Ribbon   (any craft store)
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