How to Update a Thrift Store Jewelry Cabinet With Paint

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How much would you pay for an old jewelry cabinet like this? I bought this jewelry cabinet at a local Goodwill store. I think it was $6.99. I’ve seen them often at Treasure Island Flea Market for $10. But Goodwill prices have continued to go up in the last year. Last time I was there I actually saw a cabinet like this for $24.99! What!?! No way! Sign up for our email newsletter and get all our thrift store makeovers sent straight to your inbox!

Sorry… off my soap box now and on to the jewelry cabinet makeover. It was in good condition outside. All the handles were still there. But I didn’t like the glass and the fabric inside was stained and had some water damage which made the cardboard warp.

Step One: So my first step was to pull out the cardboard and fabric. It wasn’t attached very well to begin with so it came out easily. I knew I was going to cover it with paper so I just pulled off as much as I could and smoothed it down.

Step Two: Clean with spray cleaner and cloth.

Step Three: Paint -

I tried out some new paint on this project. Since I’m on the Canvas Corp Brand Crew (design team) this year they provided me with some supplies. This paint was part of my first order with them. I was impressed by the coverage. This is one brush stroke. I thought it might take several coats for this light color to cover the dark wood but it only took one with a little touch up afterward. Like with all my jewelry cabinet makeovers, I start with them upside down so I don’t miss anything.

I would usually include a Step Four: Varnish, but this paint didn't need it.

Step Five: Cut out decorative metal sheet and staple in door.

Don't forget to check out my blog post for even more details... including how to handle jewelry boxes that are stained inside. Now what do you think of the finished piece?

I paint LOTS of jewelry cabinets, boxes, and other thrift store finds over on my blog so come visit me! (Scroll down for the link.) Thanks for reading!

Suggested materials:
  • Jewelry box   (thrift store)
  • Paint   (Canvas Corp)
  • Paintbrush   (hardware store)
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