How to Use Old CD and Denim Cloth to Make a Storage Box?

Sonali Tripathi
by Sonali Tripathi
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Having many unwanted CDs in your house? Tired of keeping them? Why not recycle them for making something useful from them! Yes, by using old CDs and denim cloth, we are going to learn how to make a very useful organizer for storing various things. Be it keys, jewelry or any small things, the storage box made with the denim cloth and CDs is surely a relief from finding things when you need them. So, are you ready to make this adorable and best out of waste quick to make storage box? Here are the steps you need to follow.

Things needed

  • 2 old CDS
  • Denim cloth
  • Zip
  • Jute cloth
  • Small cardboard piece
  • Craft mirror and beaded lace
  • Plastic pipe
  • Pencil, Scale, and cutter
  • Scissors and glue

Step 1 : First of all, take 2 old CDs. Using a marker and scale, make a straight line on the CD to cut the edge. Cut out using a cutter.

Step 2 : Now take denim cloths and glue. Apply glue on the CD and stick the denim cloth to it. Fold the remaining sides inside to give it a finishing look. Cover both the CDs with the denim cloth.

Step 3 : Take a jute cloth and using a scale and pencil a straight line to divide the cloth into two parts. Cut the cloth in the center and you shall get two strips.

Step 4 : Now take a zip and apply glue on its side. Stick the jute strips on both the sides of the zip firmly.

Step 5 : Now take a small cardboard piece and apply glue on it. Stick the cardboard on the end side of the zip.

Step 6 : Fold the ends of the jute cloth and take one of the CDs. Apply some glue on the straight side of the CD and stick it to the folded part of the jute cloth. Using some scissors, make small cuts at a particular distance on the jute cloth. Fold the jute cloth and stick it on the corner of the CD by sticking the folded portion in the inner side. Similarly, take the other CD and stick it like you stuck the first CD using the folded part of the jute cloth. Firmly stick the folded part forming a storage box. 

Step 7 : Take some mirror crafts and beaded lace. Stick one mirror craft on each side on the denim cloth. Surround the mirror with beaded lace and stick it properly. 

Step 8 : Now take a plastic pipe and cut it into pieces of around 1 inch using scissors. Cut the pieces into half using scissors. Give the pipe pieces a triangular shape giving it a petal-like a look.

Step 9 : Use some glue and stick the pipe petals surrounding the craft mirrors for making a flower out of it. Make 3 to 4 layers of the pipes for giving a proper flower-like the look. 

Your adorable tiny organizer is ready to use. The zip makes your belongings safe inside. You can also carry this organizer with you out stations as it would require a small place in your bags.

The organizer can also be used in the form of a gift to someone who loves using such unique things. Using artificial flowers for decorating the organizer. So, isn’t it fun to make organizer! How have you made it?

Suggested materials:
  • Old CD   (Home)
  • Cardboard   (Home)
  • Jute Cloth Piece   (Stationary Shop / Craft store)
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