Ideas to Keep Your Younger Visitors Busy

by Diane
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Here are a few options for youngsters that want to help you. All the projects that I'm showing were done by using leftover materials from other projects.
First we have the snowflake. You take apart clothespins and glue the flat sides together. Glue 8 pieces together,in the shape of a star. It's probably best to glue front and back. Paint each side, let dry. I would spray adhesive glue on one side, dip in glitter, let it dry, do the other side. Let them dry. I used floral wire to make a hanger for the ornament.
Project number 2..I had a tinsel christmas tree leftover from last Christmas. I had very small ornaments. Use elmers glue, dip ornament in glue, just stick it to the tree. So easy
Project number 3..I had styrofoam in a cone shape. I had leftover ornaments. I didn't know if I had enough to finish the whole tree so I started from the top. Well, I almost finished it, but, I didn't. So, instead of cutting the bottom off, I used garland around the bottom to finish it off. So now that I cleaned up all my Christmas supplies, I ready to more on.
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