Ikea BEHÄRSKA Candle Lantern Upgrade

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Upgrade Ikea BEHÄRSKA with spray paint for a magical glow.

I found this lantern in a cross between Baby & Millennial pink in Ikea (the website doesn’t show that colour, you will see in photos below), as much as I am a fan of pink, this wasn’t quite the colour I was after, I knew I could upgrade it to match my decor with some patience, frog tape and spray paint!

I like unique things, so I felt the cost well worth it. I would have paid more for something more high end and still likely not been 100% happy with it.

The Ikea Behärska is a lovely lantern, but I wanted something that would go better with my decor.

Remove the handle before starting.


When working with spray paint, gloves and a ventilation mask should be a no brainer. I worked outside on a slightly windy day (great for drying time!) but still used both.

Tape sections off

I forgot to take photos before I did the chrome & silver, I taped up where I didn’t want the silver (I had been going to do candy stripes on one, if you are doing solid colours, there’s not much of a need to tape off for this step).

This took the most patience as taping inside wasn’t easy! A Stanley knife (exacto) helped in getting the tape exactly straight on the edges.

I did the chrome (not true chrome) first to get full coverage as a base for the Metallic Silver, I like glittery things! Once the 2 light coats of chrome were dry, I did 2 light coats of silver and let it dry overnight.

Remove the tape

Once the silver was dry, I removed the tape, then taped up where I didn’t want the rose gold.


On one piece I decide to do stripes inside. I put 3 pieces of frog tape next to one another, then removed the middle, going the whole way around. I had been going to do candy style stripes on the outside of one but decided not to.

This did end up pointless, as you can’t really see inside this one once it’s together, but you could try on the outside!

Spray with Rose gold

I did 2 light coats of the Rose Gold everywhere that I hadn’t taped up the second time.

Light coats are imperative with this paint as it runs very easily if too thick.

The first light coat feels like it’s not enough coverage, but you don’t want drip marks!! It will turn out, I promise!

First coat dry

After the first coat, as you can see, it needs more coverage.

Second coat applied

With the second coat of Rose Gold on, set aside until dry to the touch, you want to remove the tape before it’s 100% bone dry.

Be careful!

As you can see, I moved it before it had dried enough (I’m impatient) to remove the tape, this is ok as its near the back, but learn from my mistake!

Put everything back together

Put candle in

I recommend using battery operated, I just didn’t have batteries for these photos so used real ones, I will be swapping them out.


I am really happy with how these turned out, and they go well with my decor.

I kept the handles the original colour and I think it works!

Not including drying time it took roughly 4hrs including the taping.

Suggested materials:
  • Behärska Tall candle lantern   (Ikea)
  • Frog tape   (Bunnings/Hardware store)
  • Dulux Duramax “Bright finish   (Bunnings/Hardware store)
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