IKEA Cabinet Door Turned Picture Display

Karen Merritt3
by Karen Merritt3
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I've been wanting something to hang over my bed. Preferably a picture display. On a trip to Ikea with my husband and daughter there was the perfect piece. It was in their 75% off area. My daughter found it for me. It was only $7.00. The wheels were turning.
Shiny gray cabinet door from Ikea.
It was trial and error. I added peel and stick lettering. I decided I didn't like the shiny gray paint too late. I painted the whole thing except the glass with white chalk paint. I thought once the paint was dry I could just peel off the lettering. WRONG! The top part came off but the sticky part stayed. I took a damp rag and wiped off the sticky residue. I didn't like the gray as the lettering so I painted over with blue chalk paint. I added 2 eye hooks to the top and added picture wire.
I sanded all down for a distressed look.
I taped 3 pieces of scrapbooking paper for background of pictures.
Scrapbooking paper taped together.
I wiped on wax and then buffed it off.
Waxed and buffed.
I then added the pictures with clear glue dots to the glass. And then put the scrapbooking paper behind pictures.
The final step. Hang it.
It turned out how I envisioned it even with my mistakes.
Suggested materials:
  • White and blue Chalk paint   (JoAnns Fabric)
  • Wax   (JoAnns Fabric)
  • Lettering   (JoAnns Fabric)
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