Jazz up Your Boring Chandelier!!

by Jacque
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I loved this bronze chandelier that I've had in my kitchen nook for 7 yrs. I am slowly "lightening" up my dark decor to fresher colors... it really changes the ambiance to a more fun upbeat atmosphere.
This is a truly inexpensive way to get a gorgeous chandelier without having to drop a few Ben Franks.
How to transform your Chandalier for $10!
All it takes is white chalk paint (Plaster), modpodge, acrylic crystals 30 for $9 on Amazon, and mesh rhinestones.
I removed the glass light sconces and "painted" with tinted blue modpodge, much like how you would make sea glass.
Drop 1-3 drops of blue food coloring into about 1/4 cup of glue, add more if you want to lighten it. It dries clear and is a tad darker shade when dry. you can do this in any color you want!
While drying, I painted the body of the chandalier white. It took 2 coats. I didn't even seal it since no one touches it...you can if you'd like to.
This is what it looked like before.
Once it's dry, cut mesh rhinstone out and glue around edges. I used additional embellishments around the top.
Then add the drop down crystals around ledge. They come with metal attachments that hold onto the edge without any additional glue.
This is how it looked once done.
You can buy the mesh rhinestone at any arts and crafts store. It's great!
I love how many places I can use this!
I love looking up now to see my beautiful new chandalier! It really looks nothing like how it began...
My new gorgeous Crystal chandalier!
As usual, I did not take a before picture!! I found this one at Home Depot for $104! I am sure if I wanted to buy one like this it would be at least doubl. I am very frugal - I love saving money.
Actually I am waiting on a strand of Crystal beads to drape around the lights. It will look more elegant!
This is best before picture I have :(
It's all straight forward but if you have any questions, lemme know! Thanks for looking! I hope this gives you some inspiration.
Suggested materials:
  • Modpodge or glue, blue food coloring, acrylic crystal drop down beads, and rhinestone embellishments. And white chalk paint.
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