Jean Pocket Upcycle

Kara S.
by Kara S.
3 Materials
15 Minutes

This project was inspired by Kim, you can check out her post here >!

Have a pair of unwearable jeans lying around? Maybe even a button up that no longer fits? Here is the perfect way to give these unwearable cloths new life!

First, I cut the pocket off the back of my jeans. This cut doesn't have to be perfect you can trim it later.

Next, I took an empty drink bottle and marked the size of the pocket with a sharpie.

I then cut the marked area out of the bottle and trimmed the sides to make a flat rectangle of plastic.

After trimming off the extra jean off the pocket, I inserted the piece of plastic.

That's all there is to it! Now you have a funky coaster for your home, deck, poolside or anywhere! These are awesome because if a ring is made you can easily take out the plastic and throw the pocket in the wash making it good as new!

Suggested materials:
  • Jeans
  • Empty Drink Jug
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  • Vic24090418 Vic24090418 on Oct 21, 2017
    Why are you guys making a "federal case" of this? Why not cut the pocket and put it on the table? Work smarter not harder.

  • Ban13581700 Ban13581700 on Oct 22, 2017
    Good project. How are the edges of the cut jean fabric kept from raveling?

  • Vic24090418 Vic24090418 on Oct 23, 2017
    I was asking if the pocket good Why not just cut it out and using it as a coaster.

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  • Louise Atkinson Louise Atkinson on May 07, 2021

    Wowcher i love this jeans idea. Will suurely be having a go at it, sometime soon

  • Judith Judith on Nov 06, 2021

    You could also cut one of those pieces of plastic used for cutting veggies that you can buy at any dollars store 2 for a dollar. I’ve used them to make patterns for making quilt and other projects. It’s a cute idea.