Jewelry Stand Cake Pedestal Cloche Using Chicken Wire

Corinna Agee
by Corinna Agee
1 Material
2 Hours
Do you have leftover chicken wire? Make a cloche cake pedestal. Or up-cycle an old lamp shade.
The lampshade had a huge hole in it so I decided to strip it. As I started stripping it I had some chicken wire and decided to apply it as well.
This is a tedious process so wear gloves! Your fingers will be sore but the end result is stunning.
I already have the iron pedestal I took some branches and painted them. I also added a ceramic bird. It is tedious work but the end result is some fab wedding decor, you name it! There are endless possibilities...
To make it easier, use the bottom of a lampshade to help shape the round metal form. It will fit around it and once its completely wrapped around the frame, attache the top together with some wire and attach knob and you have yourself a beautiful cloche!
You can leave it in its rustic form or you can paint it whatever color you desire.
You can also turn it into a jewelry rack by attaching some S hooks. You will surely charm your company when they see this one of a kind piece.
Suggested materials:
  • A lamp a lamp shade a pedestal chicken wire S hooks pliers and paint
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