Junking up My Kitchen/Great Room With Rummage Finds and Wood Sign

Jill B
by Jill B
I find that my tastes in style change often....I think more often than most as I am constantly changing wall colors as that is the cheapest way to update for less money. However, I have less and less time lately so painting walls isn't an option. Also, I love my buffet, but even though I distressed it, it seemed to modern for my current tastes. But there is the time issue again....TIME! And the fact that I redid it one. year. ago. ONE YEAR. I just can't justify taking the time to repaint it right now. the finish is still great and I do love it, but am just seeing it in a heavily distressed antique white. Anyway...MOVE ON... I decided to update how i have it decorated and by update I mean junk it up with rummage finds and more neutral colors. :) I hope you don't get bored with all the photos, but you might get some ideas...and I wanted to share some of the process.
I am loving the new look
Of course I forgot to take a before photo. this is the best I could find. Too modern for my ever changing tastes with the red....I have a red wall on the opposite side of the room.
Here I was trying a window, but thought it was too big. Lucky for me I had a smaller one. See next photo.
Got this window at my sisters farm. Love the fact this has some paint and some natural wood. Added burlap to my little chest.
Painted the red star a neutral color
Added a black wash in the crevices to antique it.
So much better than the red.
Bought 3 candle sticks at a rummage sale. Loved them, but not loving the modern sheen.
Painted a neutral color.
Distressed them so the black shows through. LOVE them!
Had this old mailbox in storage. Added a favorite saying. LOVE. IT. Added some old rummage sale books and another candle holder.
Bought this egg crate at a rummage sale. (where else). Added a scrap wood sign.
Added another scrap wood sign over my sink.
Got this rusty milk bucket from my sisters farm. Paired it with a large B. The green sign is my dad's name...must be 40 or more years old.
Painted this sign on an unused laminate shelf.
Add another scrap sign by my old pitcher with paint brushes and my old wash tub with spray paint and wood glue.
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  • GR GR on Aug 25, 2014
    Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference! I'm always rearranging things and changing the accessories, when you don't have time for redecorating it's a great substitute. Love the new look and those cabinets will look amazing painted when you get a minute ;-))

  • Carol Carol on Aug 27, 2014
    stunning, and easy to change depending on moods.