Last Minute Easter Basket

Ronja Lotte
by Ronja Lotte
Do you still remember your school days? In each class, there was at least one child who had a vague relationship with the calendar. I was this child … and am still today. Then I was standing before closed classroom doors one day early after the school holidays and today I live rarely in the same week as the rest of the population. Sometimes I’m even not sure what month we have. My inner clock works rather with terms like “tomorrow”, “in three days” or “next week”. Official holidays always throw me completely off track*. Suddenly I have to match a specific date to a specific day. I have proven again last week that this is not my thing, when I was fully convinced the whole week that Easter was last weekend. I was in total panic mode and hurried to finish all my Easter gifts and then there was no Easter. If you are now nodding pensively to yourself and are in fact wondering what day today is, then I have something for you: Last minute Easter baskets that are made in three minutes. This one is for you, my fellow temporally challenged people!
* My friends know fortunately about my temporal disability and before every holiday they call me to remind me to go shopping.
For your Easter basket you only have to buy the good tangerines with leaves at the supermarket – they come in a perfect basket…
… and stamp colorful dots on the basket with the eraser end of a pencil – while you appreciatively eat your tangerines.
Now you only have to steal hay from the rabbit cage and throw some goodies in the basket. Done!I wish you all happy holidays and lots of chocolate!

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Ronja Lotte
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  • Anette Maldonado Anette Maldonado on Mar 26, 2016
    klasse Idee :)

  • Awe, good for you! I would too. I re-use, recycle or upcycle everything I can - anything to keep stuff out of landfills. Where I live we do have an excelent curbside recycling program, and at least in my neighborhood, we toss as much in the recycle bin as possible. But your darling fruit baskets are just too cute for words. I would bedazzle them as gift baskets, paint or mod podge them for use with battery candles or plants or dried flower arrangements for centerpieces, decorate them seasonally for bits of decor here and there, place pretty pine cones in them in the winter, store small balls of yarn or other craft supplies. As you can see, I could find a variety of uses. I am sure you have a bunch of other ideas too! Happy crafting!

    • Ronja Lotte Ronja Lotte on Mar 26, 2016
      @Naomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey Now I wish I could send you a few dozen of the baskets :-) I am also a big supporter of reuse and recyling. If you like, check out my other posts here or at my blog (the blog is in English and German). Lots of them have a recyling theme. I also sell crafted items at craft shows and at a few stores in Hamburg and all my items are made with recyled materials. :-)