Lazy 4 Part City Scape.

by Teresa
3 Materials
My son wanted a four part black and white city scape done and I was only visiting for a week-end, so we went to the dollar store, bought 4 inexpensive canvases some black and white acrylic paint and a pack of paint brushes.
He chose Chicago... and the photo above.
Putting the 4 canvases together I used a pencil to rough out the city scape across all 4 canvases; painting the water black, the sky grey and leaving the city unpainted.
Then I started working canvas by canvas adding grey to the sky and the water and black to the buildings- I wanted to make sure that the next canvas line up so I worked from left to right,
I added the lights in the buildings and streets and reflections in the water and moved from canvas to canvas.
It did get it mostly finished before I left, but didn't get a picture... My son had to head home and so did I. They went to my sons bedroom.. and hang over his bed.. in a different
So today I asked him to send me a picture and here they are.
Suggested materials:
  • 4 dollar store canvas
  • 6 black dollar store acrylic paint
  • 6 white dollar store acrylic paint
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