Learn How to Nuno Felt a Beautiful Shawl

by Fiberartsy
Part 3 of the Felting Techniques Series.
What is Nuno Felting? It’s a fabric felting technique developed by fiber artist Polly Stirling where wool or fiber is felted through an open weave type of fabric such as silk chiffon. Almost any open weave fabric will work for nuno felting but obviously, the heavier the fabric, the heavier your final felted piece will be. I usually use silk gauze or chiffon which yields a drapey, lightweight fabric.
Full step by step instructions available at Fiberartsy.com (link below)
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Wool or Alpaca Roving – How much depends on how large and elaborate your piece will be. I used about 2 ounces

Silk Gauze/Chiffon or other open weave fabric (mine is appr. 8′ x 28″)

Silk Sliver or Roving – optional

Matchstick blind or Bubble wrap


Dish Detergent (not generic)

Plastic bottle

Plastic sheet
Basic steps:

Drafting the fiber
Laying out the design
Wetting down the fiber
Working in the water
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