Light Bulb Fairy Garden

by Ariel
5 Materials
10 Minutes
Hello lovelies! This is the perfect season for all things fairy garden, but instead of doing the typical fairy garden, how about we try something a fairy garden in a light bulb!This is a super easy, quick, and adorable way to bring a fairy garden into your life for the season.
You won’t need much, just decorative fillers, a glass light bulb, some moss, glitter, and a little figurine all from Michael’s Arts and Crafts.
First, begin filling in the light bulb, don’t add too many rocks because you want to have room to see all the other pretty things in there you will be adding.
Next, put in a bit of moss for some greenery.
A little figurine or two is next. Just make sure it can fit in the light bulb. I used a butterfly! Then I add water, I don’t fill it all the way.
Next I start sprinkling glitter in, and you can add as much as you want into this.

Now you have a super cute little water fairy garden, and when you shake it, you see the glitter moving around kind of like a snowglobe :)
Suggested materials:
  • Extra Fine Glitter   (Michael's Arts and Crafts)
  • Ashland Fillers   (Michael's Arts and Crafts)
  • Water   (Sink)
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  • Rambie Rambie on May 31, 2017
    Cute! What do you mean by seasonal? Only display in spring? If I create something I want it to last awhile!

  • Jud5180371 Jud5180371 on May 31, 2017
    How diduget the top off the lightbulb ?

  • Linda Poirier Linda Poirier on Jul 03, 2017
    It is obvious not a regular light bulb because they are very fragile. You would not be able to get the top off without breaking it and also as soon as you fill it with stuff there it goes 'pop'. A light bulb is rounded on the bottom so it wouldn't stand on its own. Very misleading. Cute but it wouldn't work!

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  • Dolores Dee Hughes Dolores Dee Hughes on Sep 22, 2020

    Just a little info that might help out the many DIY'ers like me. I do a lot of recycling & take apart my old lightbulbs for the brass, copper & other things. Most lightbulbs would not be good for this. But the flood lightbulbs would be great for many DIY projects. Just need to take your time with getting the screw in part of the lightbulb off or just drill the center out of the screw in part.

  • Jus65124380 Jus65124380 on May 22, 2022

    I thought the idea of using light bulbs was to recycle all the old ones...