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When summertime hits the U.S., the temperatures seem to climb higher each and every year! When it comes to your household, the majority of families will spend many hours together in the outdoor areas of the property, maybe doing some gardening chores in the front garden, relaxing around the backyard pool, playing with the kids in the tree house, hosting a glamorous dinner party on the patio deck, or perhaps playing a ballgame with the doggies in a specially designed pet run area. In countless homes throughout the summer, the extended daylight hours and increased warmth will mean more time for fun and frolics, and the patio and the pool will naturally become the most popular places to be!
With longer days and nights spent enjoying the fresh air, many homeowners are eager to create their own unique and distinctive backyard designs, and want to make their property look as aesthetically appealing as possible. Garden lighting can help produce a tranquil ambiance anytime of the year, so if you are keen to add a stimulating lighting touch around your patio, or perhaps want to add some funky pool lighting, there are many options out there for you to employ.
Patio Lighting:

When it comes to lighting a covered patio or deck area, the most important aspect to keep in mind is safety. Too little light will make it difficult for a person to walk around (especially for seniors who need to be careful where they walk), while too much lighting can cause accidents due to glare. Energy-efficient patio lighting should be chosen since it creates a welcoming, calm and gentle effect, which is perfect for an intimate candlelight dinner for two, or simply for some friends to hang out and unwind. Install a fan that features soft lights, or fit recessed lighting with dimmer switches, so you can change the level of brightness as the day progresses.
Another idea is to suspend several colors of string lighting that have been divided into different lengths around your patio or deck, plus string lighting can also be added underneath walkway railings, which will help guide Grandma and Grandpa to the backyard seating spaces. Furthermore, if you have deck posts, you can affix solar-powered LED lamps to the top of each. Set into the surface of a deck, recessed patio lighting can help produce a border around a particular area, and low-voltage outdoor bulbs can be added to side pathways, front driveways, garden table umbrellas, flowerbed borders, and door entrances to help illuminate the space.
Pool Lighting:

Turning your pool area into a soft oasis of serenity is simple with the right exterior lighting. Many brands of LED rechargeable pool lights are easy to install and can be programmed to change color; several are available in cordless varieties and are chlorine-, weather- and water-resistant. Therefore, these types of lights can be placed poolside or left to float around in the pool water. Battery-operated color LED pool lights are available in countless sizes and shapes, including circular "bubbles," as well as oblongs and cubes. Many also feature a magnetic backing strip, so they can be placed anywhere along the side of your pool, or even around the pool's fountain.
Small lighting touches can give an area so much personality and atmosphere; making your own backyard pool lighting look eye-catching and dramatic really works wonders. Different types of lights can be added around the pool area to help add shadow effects at night, and dedicated uplighting through the use of precise bulb angling can highlight nearby trees, flowers, plants, or shrubs. Uplighting can also put emphasis on and accentuate a certain piece of outdoor sculpture situated on your pool deck, or can assist in drawing attention to a much loved architectural detail at the sides or rear of your home.
Outdoor lighting helps to bring your backyard to life as well as injecting your garden's surroundings with an undeniable beauty both before and after sunset. There's nothing quite like a soothingly tranquil midnight stroll around your garden with your partner while the kids are asleep, or watching the sun disappear once again for another day in your vividly hued pool!
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