Tea Towel Wall Decor

Alice Klitz
by Alice Klitz
2 Materials
10 Minutes
This Love & Grace tea towel works great for this project. It is only $22 (excluding shipping and tax).
I purchased a 20×24 canvas frame. I have found these for as low as low as $5 each in local hobby stores or online sites. In this picture I found a buy on get one free which was $9 apiece.
I ironed the towel so it had no creases in it, laid it face down and centered the canvas on top of it. With thumb tacks I pushed the towel to the back of the wooden frame. Then I could flip it over and see if was centered. Adjust it as needed, and when is exactly where you want it, with a staple gun attached and secured the sides and corners of the towel to the wooden part of the frame.
Add embellishments such as burlap flowers if you desire.
And you are done! Easy Peasy!
Suggested materials:
  • Love & Grace Tea Towel   (See Website Attached)
  • 20x24 Wrapped Canvas Frame   (Hobby Store)
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