Make a Watering Can Recycling a Plastic Container

by Amaryllis
For all the plant lovers, you will need this DIY! Reuse a plastic container and turn it into the perfect watering can. If like me you can't stop bringing new plants home, this is the project you need to keep them growing: a quick, affordable and practical watering can! Keep reading the next few simple steps and make one for yourself!
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You first need to clean the plastic bottle and remove the label. Then you can start making the tip of your watering can. Take a piece of copper pipe of 4 inches long (10 cm) and, using a hacksaw, cut one end at a 45 degree angle. Place the straight end of the pipe on the bottle cap and mark the pipe perimeter on it.
Using a cutter, slowly cut the circle out of the cap center. Apply some glue on the edges and fix the pipe with the cap. I will suggest to apply glue inside and outside and respect the drying time of the glue before starting next step. Be careful and don't put glue on the cap screw thread.
To add a little fun, you can paint the bottom of the bottle. I covered the part I didn't want to paint with tape and newspaper, I added some adhesive letters to write H2O. I also spray paint the bottle cap. I applied 2 coats of paint. Once it was dry, I carefully and slowly remove the tape. It works but it wasn't the best way to do it. the paint peel off a little when I took the tape off. It may work better just adding some nice adhesive paper. Let me know how it turns if you try!
And done! You can easily unscrew the tip cap to fill your bottle and start watering all your plants. You can also have a look at my blog post for more pictures and instructions.
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  • Sarune Sarune on May 13, 2017
    Looks super stylish, thanks for sharing! How long did it take to cut that copper pipe with hacksaw?

  • Carol Marthens Carol Marthens on Mar 03, 2019

    What a great idea. Didn't you need to add an air hole so the water doesn't glug out and collapse the bottle? Just wondering! I'm going to do this as I was just thinking I needed a watering can for the plants but wanted something that didn't have a tiny outlet. LOL I get bored waiting for the plant to get enough water.

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