Make a Rustic Address Sign in an Afternoon

by Vickiventura
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Using pallet wood, reflective numbers, vinyl sticky letters, and a couple of slotted flat bars and screws and you can have a rustic address sign for your house.
I have long wanted a cool address sign for our house and today was the day. I had collect pallet wood awhile back and I had also bought some reflective house numbers at Walmart. My first job was to cut off the nails from the pallet wood and shorten them up a bit. I used an electric reciprocating hand saw for the job.
These are my materials gathered together.
After cutting off the nails, I gave the boards a light sanding to eliminate the writing on them. I wanted to keep them as rustic as possible.
I attached these short slotted bars with screws to hold the pallet boards together.
I nail on my numbers and stick on my vinyl letters. As you can see, I chose pallet boards that had some bark still on it to add to the raw feeling of the sign.
Vinyl stick on letters for our family name.
Using a longer slotted flat bar, I screw my sign into a stump that happens to be in the perfect spot in my front yard.
And here you go, rustic house address sign accomplished on a Sunday afternoon.
Suggested materials:
  • Pallet boards
  • 4 short slotted bars with screws   (Home Depot)
  • 1 long slotted bar with screws   (Home Depot)
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