Make Magazine Holder From a Cereal Box

Megan Aubrey
by Megan Aubrey
Cardboard boxes have now opened up a whole new world for me! No longer are they destined for the recycling bin. I now see endless opportunities of basically free organization opportunities!
When I saw a giant cereal box, I knew it was destined for a life beyond containing cereal. Instead of cereal box I saw magazine holder. And this is how I did it...
How to turn a cereal box destined to be recycled into a beautiful magazine holder!
I took the cereal box, a box cutter, tape, and pretty paper.
I then cut off the flaps.
I could have stopped there, but most magazine holders I have seen have an angled side to them to allow easy access to the magazines. I measured six inches down the back and then traced an angled line from the front to the back.
All I did was cut along my line with the box cutter.
Then I covered like a present with some pretty wrapping paper. You could also use fabric or perhaps some pretty magazine pages would be a fun twist.
Here she is all wrapped and ready for some magazines!
Filling it with magazines helps keep it upright. However, if you find it fall over just put it against a flat surface on one side or put a weight (like a piece of wood) on the bottom.
That’s it! How easy and awesome is that! I always thought they charged too much for the cardboard magazine holders. Now you can make these for the price of cereal!
Megan Aubrey
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  • Danielle Mgi Schrader Danielle Mgi Schrader on Jan 03, 2015
    Wow. What a great idea for cook books as well. Right now my cook books lay in a pile in the kitchen cupboard. Definitely have to make this :)

  • Aran Woodfin Aran Woodfin on Jan 05, 2015
    My Mum has been using cereal boxes for years and years as file boxes. Since the storage is not 'public' and she isn't into appearances anyway, the boxes are all as is (just a simple sticky label of contents) and a great history of package/cereal images. Cereal boxes are often changed at the supermarkets (own brands especially) here in UK anyway, and sometimes you can go into a panic because you can't find your favourite only to realise that it just looks completely different all of a sudden. (plus our supermarkets are always rejigging the shelves in general) Cereal boxes remain remarkably uniform in size for many many years. Stalwarts of potential.

    • Megan Aubrey Megan Aubrey on Jan 05, 2015
      @Aran Woodfin That sounds so neat! I love the idea of keeping the boxes complete and letting it be a timeline of sorts!