Make Your Own DIY Photo Frame With Fairylights!

Brasel Seng
by Brasel Seng
6 Hours
It was supposed to be something I specially thought of for my beloved boyfriend, to celebrate our first 6months together... However, after much hesitations I decided that it'd be a great idea to share with all DIY lovers out there! Perfect as a gift or a home display, try making one for your loved ones today!

If you find reading step-by-step instructions (below) a hassle, you can watch the full tutorial on how to create this photo frame!
These are the materials you will need! Most can be easily sourced from any art store, and are cheap in pricing (well except for the fairylights, it depends on where you get them)

To start off, you'll have to make a backing for the photo frames.

All you have to do is to follow the diagram above by drawing it out on one of the A3 cards. Once you are done, cut out the overall shape and fold upwards on all the lines.
This is what you should get.
Next, similarly, draw and cut out on 2 A3 cards & fold upwards on the lines. (1 each, you'll need two photo frames)

Once you are done, join up the sides & seal up the "box" to form your frame.
After that, make a box for the fairylights' battery. Draw & cut out according to the diagram on the last piece of A3 card. Repeat the same basic steps as the photo frame. You can then decorate the outer surface of your battery box with patterned papers of your choice.
To poke the holes for the lock & to insert fairylight battery into the box, see video for clearer demonstration.
Attach the photo frames and battery box onto the backing and decorate the whole surfaces with patterned papers of your choices. You can add on ribbons too! (See video for reference on ribbon attachment)
For the attachment of fairylights, it may sound complicated but it is actually very easy! You can easily do it with a penknife & a tweezer! For better and clearer demonstration of how I inserted the fairylights onto the photo frames, I would recommend you to watch the video as well, for this step onwards, to have a better understanding! icon
Once you're done, go ahead and attach your photos onto the frame! You can attach a string within the frame or simply clip on the photo onto the fairylight wire using a mini wooden peg.

It's totally freestyle decoration to your own preference from here on, have fun!

(P.S. you can add a pocket on the front of the whole product when its closed up to spice things up a little with a sweet love letter or more photos! icon )
Hope you'll all have fun making this simple light-up photo frame! icon
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