Make Your Own Paint Stamp With a Potato #Kidsideas

Using a potato and an Exacto knife, a simple paint stamp can be made for stamping out design onto table linens, tee shirts, curtains, craft projects for kids and much more.
I think what I like about potato stamping is that you can create your own symbol, rather than having to peruse the store shelves for the exact one you have in mind.
But the key is keeping the design SIMPLE: Hearts, moons, stars, clovers, shamrocks...
-Mix paint 5:2 ration (5 parts paint to 2 parts fabric medium)

You want to keep the paint on the dryer side

-Test, test and test some more on scrap fabric and/ or paper to get familiar with how the stamp distributes the paint.

-Once enough testing is complete, start stamping, but dab on paper first, staying as dry as possible.

I created a couple of shamrock potato stamps and made several St Patrick's Day inspired tea towels, all in an afternoon.
Potatoes, Exacto knife, Sharpie marker, craft paint and fabric painting medium is about all you need besides the items you want to paint onto.
-Cut potato in half and place on paper towel to dry it out some.

-Draw your simple design onto the potato

-Cut design out with Exacto knife allowing 1/8 inch or more of depth (more is better)

The paint stamps results will have a rustic, imperfect look instead of a die-cut, perfect looking stamp. That imperfection is just part of the fun if you ask me!

More details can be seen on the blogpost link below ~ Thank you
Amy Ellis @ StowandTellU
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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