Marbleized Mug With Nail Polish

Nicolette Spargo
by Nicolette Spargo
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As a new Community Manager on the Hometalk team, I got to participate in a DIY project today! This project was so simple and took less than 10 minutes!!
Materials used for this DIY: -large bowl filled with water -plain mug -nail polish colors of choice -small paintbrush -a clean area to place mug to dry after completed
Step 1: Pour nail polish into bowl of water, you may use as many colors as you like. Start out with a few drops and add as necessary
Step 2: Use the non-brush side of your paintbrush to slowly swirl around the nail polish, this will create a marble affect
Step 3: Dip your mug into the water at any angle you desire, then place onto a flat surface
Step 4: Spray your mug with an acrylic coating to prevent nail polish from coming off. You now have a beautiful, one of a kind mug! Enjoy :)
Suggested materials:
  • Large bowl
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  • Kara S. Kara S. on Mar 21, 2017
    What brand of nail polish did you use?

  • Larry Larry on Sep 24, 2017
    I do not know what I am doing wrong, since every time I tried this, the polish for some reason gobbed up on the cup. I tried this 5 different times, same result. Only good thing was I used up all of my wife's old nail polish.

    When you fill the water bowl, how hot is the water? Or should you use room temperature water? Any guidance would be appreciated! Also, should I just use a few drops or a stream of polish?

    Thanks again!

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