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by MyDecor8Craft
30 Minutes
Who doesn't love to have a candle light dinner? If you have a mason jar at home you are ready to have a wonderful night together.

Today we are going to make a super simple and super easy Mason Jar Candle Light Holder as a DIY project. It is so simple that any one can make it at home.

Lets light up the candle!
First you need these supplies
1. A mason jar
2. Acrylic paints
3. Brush and sponge for painting
4. Hot Glue Gun
5. A candle ( here's the fish is my candle )
6. Ribbon for neck decoration ( not in picture )
7. Marker pen to draw outlines ( not in picture )
Since we are planning for a joyful night, I started with the word "JOY" to begin with. I used the marker pen to draw the lines.
Next, to add details I drew stars with the marker pen around the jar.
With hot glue gun I drew the word and stars along the marker lines. Let the glue dry.
When the glue is fully dry I painted the jar with acrylic paints. I used white and blue shade to give a gradient effect.
The jar will look like this.

Notice that I did not fill the inner part of the stars. This will help the light to come through them. Let the paint dry.
Finally I wrapped the ribbon on the neck of the jar.
The Mason Jar Candle Light is ready.
Light up the candle for a wonderful candle light dinner. Enjoy the night together.
Watch the video to see all the single steps I used to make this DIY project.

Did you enjoy the candle light dinner with your partner? Please Share your stories with me.
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  • MyDecor8Craft MyDecor8Craft on Jun 12, 2017
    Thanks Carol.
    Honestly I didn't pull the glue after I finished it. Since the glue itself it painted so it will give a little different look if I pulled them after painting. This might be an interesting idea to test another one in future.
    Do you have any previous idea on this?
    Eager to listen from you.
    -- Debanti

  • Carol Taylor Carol Taylor on Jun 12, 2017
    No previous idea just at the end I expected you to pull it off. I do like this idea as it gives more freeway of being creative than using stickers.

    • See 2 previous
    • MyDecor8Craft MyDecor8Craft on Jun 15, 2017
      Did you see other projects of mine? Any thoughts on those? Eager to listen from you. Love Debanti