Memory Box - Inside and Outside the Box

Pat Ruge
by Pat Ruge
3 Materials
2 Hours

My granddaughter married in October, last year. Although the couple received a wedding gift from us, I have been working on this project ever since. Sounds like a long time, but I took my time to insure plenty of love went into this project. I posted the beginning "Working Inside the box", as I knew it would be a lengthy post. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did producing it.

I pick up where I left off with "Inside the box" and added the little heart in the corner and the support arm you can see in the upper left corner.

Outside the box and on the top, I began by adding the picture frame and lifted it to provide extra dimension. Then with my usual flare, just continued to add the steampunk gears, skeleton keys and bits of broken jewelry as well as the lion's head drawer pull. The filigree corners were blackened with black chalk paint and later highlighted Mettalique gold acrylic paint. The highlighting will occur in several areas throughout the project.

On the front side, I glued on plaster of paris keyhole and butterfly molds as well as another jewelry piece. The molds as well as the footings are highlighted in the gold metallic using a dry brush method.

On this panel, I hot glued the twigs and add the three "wise owls". If you saw my "Outside the Box" project, which I prepared for her new husband, you will see, he also has three wise owls. I thought this concept would tie the two together.

The other two sides may appear somewhat "plain", they do have decoupaged cardstock and at least one ornament, I purposely left some room to add their own chosen mementos as time goes buy. This gift come with a glue gun for that very purpose. My hope is that in 50 years from now, they will pass this on to their own grandchild while sharing their own collective memories as well as some memories they might have about their own grandmother. Oh, that would be me!

Suggested materials:
  • Steampunk gears, skeleton keys   (Amazon)
  • Plaster of Paris keyhole molds   (Amazon)
  • Tim Holtz jewelry box legs   (Amazon)
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