"Mermaid Hide and Seek" Unicorn Spit Faux Stained Glass Glass Bowl

Dee Brock
by Dee Brock
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Turn an unused clear glass vase or bowl into a stained glass undersea "Mermaid Hide and Seek" show piece with Unicorn Spit gel stain. This magical gel stain is
so versatile, the possibilities are endless!
Start with a clear glass bowl or round flower vase.

Clean with soap and water followed by a vinegar or

alcohol rinse. Once clean and dry, it is best to wear gloves

to avoid natural oils or finger prints on the glass.
Copy your design and place on the inside of the bowl.

Tape in place so your pattern doesn't shift. Begin out-

lining your stained glass pattern with liquid leading. (It

is best to do this looking straight down on the pattern.)
Continue outlining until all of your pattern is complete.

Be sure to "string" your leading onto the glass. Do not

try to paint it on or touch the glass with the bottle. If your

pattern is very complex, like this one, the leading will be too

thick from the bottle. So, use a brush, but "string" from the

brush to get thin lines. The brush can push and manipulate it.

Depending on how complex your pattern, this can take

quite some time. Be patient and take your time.
Once leading is complete, begin filling each area

with Unicorn Spit in the colors of your choice. It is

best to "drop" or "dab" the color in instead of trying to

"paint" it in. (As you may be able to tell, I did spray the

inside of the bowl with mirror spray so that the patterns

reflect back and the bowl will never look empty.)
Continue with other colors around the bowl until

all areas are completely filled in. This does not mean

that you cannot leave some areas without spit. You

can leave some areas clear for a true stained glass look.
Once you have all areas filled in, be sure that you let the spit

dry completely. (Also, be sure that there are no smears of

spit or leading in the clear areas, especially if leaving the

interior clear, or the smears will show through. Since both

the leading and Unicorn Spit are water based, you can

carefully clean with a damp Q-tip, or a clean, damp brush.)
As you can see, the Unicorn spit dries with a

dull finish. But, once you add the finish..........
Here is the "Purple Hill Majesty/Molly Red Pepper" Mermaid. The colors really shine! They are vibrant and distinctive! It is well worth this labor of love to see the finished product!
Here is the "Dragonsbelly" Mermaid.
The "Lemon Kiss/Phoenix Fire" Mermaid.
The "Blue Thunder" Mermaid. (Note that basic

Unicorn Spit colors can be mixed to create

different shades or just lightened with White

Ning to make pastels.
A closeup to show the brilliance of the colors after sprayed

with three coats of Miracal premium Spray Enamel Indoor/

Outdoor. When this is under light and turned, the

Unicorn Spit really shines.
These are the supplies that I used. As you can see, I

used a towel on my work station to wipe my very small

brushes as I worked. I should have used a small canvas!!!

These tiny little strokes would have made a great

background for a future work of art! Maybe next time.....
The finished stained glass bowl. Fill with sea shells,

sea glass, flowers, etc. Use your imagination and

have fun! Spit, spit and spit is the key to success!

Here are all the supplies that I used. As you can see, I used

a towel under my bowl to wipe my brush as I went along. I

could have as easily used a small canvas!! Perhaps next time...
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn Spit: Blue THunder, Molly Red Pepper, Lemon Kiss, Phoenix Fire, Zia Teal, Navajo Jewel, Dragonsbelly, Purple Hill Majesty, Pixie Punk Pink, White Ning.   (www.unicornspit.com)
  • Gold Liquid Leading: Gallery Glass by Plaid   (Ordered from Plaid)
  • Sealer: Miracal Premium Spray Enamel   (Dollar General)
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  • Jeannie Carle Jeannie Carle on Jan 17, 2017
    I admit I wasn't overly impressed - UNTIL I saw the mermaid! This is realllly pretty! She just pulls it all together :-)

    • Dee Brock Dee Brock on Jan 17, 2017
      It was all about the mermaids and their chameleon effect to hide in the sea shell garden. Glad you liked them.

  • Lucy Marie Bernier Lucy Marie Bernier on Jan 17, 2017
    Your welcome! I had to back and look at it again... still just as beautiful as the first time I saw it! 👍👍👍