Mid Season Wreath

Sheila Crighton
by Sheila Crighton
I took down my Christmas fur wreath and I thought to myself... its not spring yet so now what? I pondered what comes to mind when you think about this time of year. I pictured skiing, snowshoeing, wool sweaters, hot chocolate.... so I hit Micheals and felt my way. This is what I came home with.... two balls of wool, burlap and a small mason jar.

Step 1, wrap an old twig wreath that I had with burlap ( I re-use the same wreaths over and over again.

Step 2, make small braids from each colour of wool. Five of each colour about 5 to 6 inches long.

Step 3, make one large braid mixing both colours of wool 2 ft in length to attach to centre.

For the small braids I used 3 strands of wool. For the large braids I used 6 strands, three of each colour.

Step 4, make pompoms. Wrap wool around your cell phone lol length wise mutiple times. Pull the wool off sideways and tie it in the middle with a small piece of wool. Then with sizzers cut the loops open. You can give it a haircut if you like.

Step 5, attach all to the wreath just by tying them with a knot around the twigs.

Step 6, you can add wool flowers that are so popular. I use a rubber ball and toothpicks for my loom.

Lastly, fill the mason jar with pine cones. Tie a piece of wool securely around the top of th mason jar and then put lid on and attach to the top centre of the wreath again by using a knot.

Soft and hippie like.

My loom for my flowers.
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